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A stereoscopic image of two women in the foreground and a couple in the middle distance, posing for the camera on a hillside looking over Lake Superior, Ontario, Canada.

A stereoscopic image of British troops in a trench with firearms at the ready.
The Second Boer War (1899-1902) was the first war to be covered comprehensively by both film and still photography. This was the result of improved technology in both…

A stereoscopic image of British troops storming a Kopje at Gras Pan, South Africa.
A Kopje is a small hill in a generally flat landscape.

A stereoscopic image of buildings in a hamlet in the Rocky Mountains, British Columbia, Canada.

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A stereoscopic image of moonlight shining on the waters of Cedar Rapids of the St.Lawrence River.

A stereoscopic image of Mount Inglismaldie in the distance, East of Sanitarium, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

A stereoscopic image of landscape amidst the Rocky Mountains including Bow River, Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

A stereoscopic image of a man standing on the Great Glacier with Lake Louise in the far distance.

A stereoscopic image of two men, one pointing and the other using binoculars, looking over the Valley of the Bow, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

A stereoscopic image of a steam train at Eagle Peak, Selkirk Mountains, British Columbia, Canada.

A stereoscopic image of a seated man looking out over Perce Rock, Perce, Quebec.

A stereoscopic image of the landscape of Roger's Pass, from Hermit Mountain, British Columbia, Canada.
Trees in the foreground, mountains in the distance.

A stereoscopic image of a person in a canoe at the foot of the Bala Falls on the the Moon River, Muskoka, Canada.

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A stereoscopic image of persons posing on the lawns in front of Victorian College, Toronto, Canada.

A stereoscopic image of Ontario Parliament Building, Toronto, Canada.
A boy with a bicycle, and a man and woman are looking at the The Northwest Rebellion Monument that honours those who fell on the battlefields during the 1885 rebellion led by…

A stereoscopic image of a man looking down along Granite Gorge (1200 feet deep) from Peritese Point, Grand Canyon of Arizona.

A stereoscopic image of Main Street, Winnipeg, Maintoba, Canada.
It includes the Volunteer Monument. Designed by architect Samuel Hooper, it commemorated the men of the 90th Winnipeg Battalion killed in the North West Rebellion of 1885, at the…

A stereoscopic image of Temple Building, Toronto, Canada.

Regarded as one of the city's first skyscrapers, it was completed in 1896 to house the world headquarters of the Independent Order of Foresters, which was a friendly society that acted as…

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A stereoscopic image of Cordover Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
It includes telegraph poles, advertising, a tram and bicycles.

A stereoscopic image of two women and a man in a boat on the Saint Lawrence river, Thousand Islands.

The Thousand Islands constitute an archipelago of 1,864 islands that straddles the Canada–US border in the Saint Lawrence River as it emerges from…

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