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Lantern slide of five men in a horse drawn carriage. Labelled 10 Miles out of Manchester, Rostherne Mere, Cheshire.

Lantern slide of a tram in Blackpool. Advertising the Opera House at the Winter Gardens. A policeman stand on the roadside.

Lantern slide showing boats at Bridlington quayside.

Lantern slide of horse drawn buggies outside Port Rush Station, Ireland.

Lantern slide of Blackpool Tower from Talbot Square. Tram displaying advert for the Winter Gardens.

Lantern slide of the Quayside at Bridlington, Yorkshire, England.

Lantern slide of steam locomotive. Labelled Pilot Engine, Goods siding.

Lantern slide of a boat at quayside.

Lantern slide of horse drwan trams in Picadilly, Manchester, England.

Lantern slide showing a man seated on board a vessel. Labelled J. Guite on board.

Lantern slide showing a canal and bridge.

A stereoscopic image of King Street, Toronto, Canada.

A busy street with pedestrians, horse drawn vehicles and trams.

A stereoscopic image of two men inspecting the opening of a rock railway tunnel near Rat Portage, Ontario, Canada.

The town of Rat Portage was amalgamated with the towns of Keewatin and Norman in 1905 to form the present-day City of Kenora.

A stereoscopic image of The Great Wooden Bridge across the St. John River at Fredericton, New Brunswick. Canada. A boat is docked at the side,

A stereoscopic image showing two men, one holding a rifle, both holding fish. Standing on a rail-track before Mink Tunnel.

Mink Tunnel located on the north shore of Lake Superior is a railway tunnel constructed in 1884 for the Canadian Pacific…

A stereoscopic image of a steam locomotive number 211.
The Iron Horse of the 20th Cent. - Canadian Pacific 'Flyer" - 65 miles per hour.

A stereoscopic image of two rickshaws being pulled through a Bamboo avenue near Kiyomizu, Kyoto, Japan.

A stereoscopic image of a railway station with horse and cart traffic.

Although labelled as Vancouver it is more than likely to be of the Gare du Palais / Canadian Pacific Railroad Train Depot Station in Quebec City.
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