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A stereoscopic image of Mount Cascade taken from Canmore, Alberta, Canada.
Cascade Mountain is a mountain located in the Bow River Valley of Banff National Park, adjacent to the town of Banff. The mountain was named in 1858 by James Hector after the…

A stereoscopic image of the village Sisikon on the shores of Lake Lucerne and the mountain Uri-Rothstock. (Uri- Rotsock) (9200 feet),

A stereoscopic image of a man on Lake Louise, in the distance is Bee Hive and White Niblock Mountains. Laggan, Alberta, Canada.

The mountain was named in 1904 after John Niblock, a superintendent with the Canadian Pacific Railway. Niblock was an…

A stereoscopic image of the cliffs and buildings of Wolfe Cove, Cape Diamond and Levis are in the distance. Quebec.

A stereoscopic image of the "Three Sisters, from the Bow River Valley, Canmore, Alberta, Canada.
The Three Sisters are a trio of peaks near Canmore, Alberta, Canada. They are known individually as Big Sister (Faith), Middle Sister (Charity) and…

A stereoscopic image of Wonderful Gorge, Albert Canyon, British Columbia, Canada,

Albert Canyon was a railway-based village in the Rogers Pass area of British Columbia, Canada, located near a hot spring known as Canyon Hot Springs and also a…

A stereoscopic image of two men inspecting the opening of a rock railway tunnel near Rat Portage, Ontario, Canada.

The town of Rat Portage was amalgamated with the towns of Keewatin and Norman in 1905 to form the present-day City of Kenora.

A stereoscopic image of a man looking out over Vegetation's Verge, Louise Valley and Mount Victoria, Canada.

A stereoscopic image showing two men, one holding a rifle, both holding fish. Standing on a rail-track before Mink Tunnel.

Mink Tunnel located on the north shore of Lake Superior is a railway tunnel constructed in 1884 for the Canadian Pacific…

A stereoscopic image of a man looking down along Granite Gorge (1200 feet deep) from Peritese Point, Grand Canyon of Arizona.

A stereoscopic image of the landscape of Roger's Pass, from Hermit Mountain, British Columbia, Canada.
Trees in the foreground, mountains in the distance.

A stereoscopic image of a steam train at Eagle Peak, Selkirk Mountains, British Columbia, Canada.

A stereoscopic image of two men, one pointing and the other using binoculars, looking over the Valley of the Bow, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

A stereoscopic image of a man standing on the Great Glacier with Lake Louise in the far distance.

A stereoscopic image of landscape amidst the Rocky Mountains including Bow River, Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

A stereoscopic image of Mount Inglismaldie in the distance, East of Sanitarium, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

A stereoscopic image of a man with a firearm kneeling on a rock at a the riverside, trees and mountains in the distance.

A stereoscopic image of a man with walking stick stands at the Base of Mt. Stephen, Field, British Columbia, Canada.

A stereoscopic image of one man and two women on the hillside overlooking Eel Bay, Saint Lawrence River, Canada

A stereoscopic image of the Hoodoos Monuments, Canmore, Alberta, Canada.
A man leans against the Hoodoo to the left of image, mountains in the distance across the valley.
A hoodoo (also called a tent rock, fairy chimney or earth pyramid) is a tall,…
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