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Lantern slide of a tree. Labelled Tree and Lake at Roche Abbey.

Lantern slide showing a lake in Hillsborough Park, Sheffield.

Lantern slide of a view looking over water to buildings in Endcliffe Woods, Sheffield.

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Lantern slide of Top Lake, Endcliff Woods, near Rustlings Road.

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Lantern slide of a lake and parkland. Labelled on side Lake in Clifton Park, Rotherham.

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A stereoscopic image of the village Sisikon on the shores of Lake Lucerne and the mountain Uri-Rothstock. (Uri- Rotsock) (9200 feet),

A stereoscopic image of a man on Lake Louise, in the distance is Bee Hive and White Niblock Mountains. Laggan, Alberta, Canada.

The mountain was named in 1904 after John Niblock, a superintendent with the Canadian Pacific Railway. Niblock was an…

A stereoscopic image of two women in the foreground and a couple in the middle distance, posing for the camera on a hillside looking over Lake Superior, Ontario, Canada.
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