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Lantern slide of a man on a small bridge at Hazels Park.

Lantern slide of the pond at Clifton Park, Rotherham.

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Lantern slide of the pond at Clifton Park, Rotherham.

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Lantern slide of two swans at Hillsborough Park, Sheffield.

Lantern slide of boys sitting in a park. Labelled Would be Boy Scouts, West Bromwich Park.

Lantern slide wshowing a woman standing alongside the High Hazels bandstand. Labelled Mrs W.W. Histead.

Lantern slide showing a lake in Hillsborough Park, Sheffield.

Lantern slide of a lake and parkland. Labelled on side Lake in Clifton Park, Rotherham.

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Lantern slide showing adults and children in a park at waters edge. Labelled Hillsborough.

Lantern slide showing the pavilion / lodge at Firth Park in Sheffield, England. A Grade II listed building.

A stereoscopic image of a view of Queens Park taken from the Ontario Parliament Building, Toronto, Canada.

A statue of John Graves Simcoe first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada by Walter Seymour Allward 1903 can bee seen in the centre of the…

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A stereoscopic image of the Great Glacier (now Illecillewaet Glacier) in the distance and probably the grounds of Glacier House in the foreground.
Glacier House, located near the terminus of the Illecillewaet Glacier, became a center for tourism,…

A stereoscopic image of a gentleman standing with one foot on the side of a fountain in Ottawa Park, others are seated on benches in the area. Buildings can be seen in the distance.

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