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Lantern slide showing people, donkeys, horse and carts. A pier can be seen in distance. Labelled Pleasure Seekers, Blackpool.

Lantern slide showing Blackpool Fore Shore with bathing changing rooms and boats.

Lantern slide of an ice cream cart and customers. Labelled Wilks Ice cream, Whit Monday 1912.

Lantern slide of people outside purchasing goods from a street vendor. Bridge in distance.

Lantern slide showing an ice cream cart with man on a cobbled street.

Lantern slide showing an ice cream cart with man and children on a cobbled street.

A stereoscopic image of King Street, Toronto, Canada.

A busy street with pedestrians, horse drawn vehicles and trams.

A stereoscopic image of Saint James Street, Montreal looking North. Two boys stand behind horse drawn buggy. The Pillars of the front of the Bank of Montreal can be seen behind the tram.

A stereoscopic image of a railway station with horse and cart traffic.

Although labelled as Vancouver it is more than likely to be of the Gare du Palais / Canadian Pacific Railroad Train Depot Station in Quebec City.

A stereoscopic image of a busy market place with Nelson's Monument in the distance. The monument was erected in 1809.
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