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Lantern slide of five men in a horse drawn carriage. Labelled 10 Miles out of Manchester, Rostherne Mere, Cheshire.

Lantern slide of the Crescent, Blackpool with horse drawn buggy and pedestrian.

Lantern slide of horse drwan trams in Picadilly, Manchester, England.

Lantern slide showing ponies being led across Blackpool beach. Labelled July 1908.

A stereoscopic image of King Street, Toronto, Canada.

A busy street with pedestrians, horse drawn vehicles and trams.

A stereoscopic image of a railway station with horse and cart traffic.

Although labelled as Vancouver it is more than likely to be of the Gare du Palais / Canadian Pacific Railroad Train Depot Station in Quebec City.

A stereoscopic image of a snowy woodeland scene with people seated in the back of a horse drawn sleigh.
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