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A stereoscopic image of the cliffs and buildings of Wolfe Cove, Cape Diamond and Levis are in the distance. Quebec.

A stereoscopic image looking up the trunk of a large tree at Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.
Stanley Park is a 405-hectare (1,001-acre) public park that borders the downtown of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada and is almost entirely surrounded by…

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A stereoscopic image of the "Three Sisters, from the Bow River Valley, Canmore, Alberta, Canada.
The Three Sisters are a trio of peaks near Canmore, Alberta, Canada. They are known individually as Big Sister (Faith), Middle Sister (Charity) and…

A stereoscopic image of Wonderful Gorge, Albert Canyon, British Columbia, Canada,

Albert Canyon was a railway-based village in the Rogers Pass area of British Columbia, Canada, located near a hot spring known as Canyon Hot Springs and also a…

A stereoscopic image of two men inspecting the opening of a rock railway tunnel near Rat Portage, Ontario, Canada.

The town of Rat Portage was amalgamated with the towns of Keewatin and Norman in 1905 to form the present-day City of Kenora.

A stereoscopic image of a man looking out over Vegetation's Verge, Louise Valley and Mount Victoria, Canada.

A stereoscopic image of a view of Saint Peters Cathedral, Montreal, Canada.

Known a Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral, Inspired by the Italian renaissance revival, it was modeled after Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome.
The building is 101 m (333…

A stereoscopic image of the ground of the Parliament Building of Quebec. The Parliament Building in the distance.

The Parliament Building is an eight-floor building in Quebec City and home to the Parliament of Quebec, composed of the…

A stereoscopic image of The Great Wooden Bridge across the St. John River at Fredericton, New Brunswick. Canada. A boat is docked at the side,

A stereoscopic image showing two men, one holding a rifle, both holding fish. Standing on a rail-track before Mink Tunnel.

Mink Tunnel located on the north shore of Lake Superior is a railway tunnel constructed in 1884 for the Canadian Pacific…

A stereoscopic image of a man sitting overlooking Perce Bay, Perce, Quebec, Canada.

Villa Frederick James can be seen in the middle distance overlooking the bay.
American painter Frederick James (1845-1907) built this residence on top of Cape…

A stereoscopic image of Hopewell Rocks. A man and boy stand on the sand before a rock outcrop.

The Hopewell Rocks, also called the Flowerpots Rocks or simply The Rocks, are rock formations caused by tidal erosion in The Hopewell Rocks Ocean Tidal…

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A stereoscopic image of a steam locomotive number 211.
The Iron Horse of the 20th Cent. - Canadian Pacific 'Flyer" - 65 miles per hour.

A stereoscopic image of two rickshaws being pulled through a Bamboo avenue near Kiyomizu, Kyoto, Japan.

A stereoscopic image of the Great Glacier (now Illecillewaet Glacier) in the distance and probably the grounds of Glacier House in the foreground.
Glacier House, located near the terminus of the Illecillewaet Glacier, became a center for tourism,…

A stereoscopic image of a view of the Old Town of Quebec taken from the Citadel.
The hotel Fairmont Le Château Frontenac can bee seen to the left in the distance.

The citadel is the oldest military building in Canada, and forms part of the…

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A stereoscopic image of Field, a pioneer City in the Woods of British Columbia, Canada.

The Canadian Pacific Railway formally established the village of Field, originally known as ‘Third Siding’, in 1883 as a work camp. The camp was needed for the…

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A stereoscopic image of a railway station with horse and cart traffic.

Although labelled as Vancouver it is more than likely to be of the Gare du Palais / Canadian Pacific Railroad Train Depot Station in Quebec City.

A stereoscopic image of the Church of Ste. Anee de Beaupre, one of the five national shrine of Canada.
It has been credited by the Catholic Church with many miracles of curing the sick and disabled. It is an important Catholic sanctuary, which…

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A stereoscopic image of a man reading a book sitting on a felled small tree. Behind is a view of The Gold Range, Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada.
The Gold Range is a subset subrange of the Monashee Mountains that extends from the Trans-Canada…


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