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Lantern slide of Gun Boats, Ettrick Bay.

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Lantern slide of two cannons at High Hazels.

Lantern slide showing two cannons in a field with trees.

Lantern slide showing a view of street decoration during King Edward VII visit to open the University, Saville Street.

Lantern slide of a military illustration of the poem by Rudyard Kipling -The Absent Minded Beggar. Numbered 1

Lantern slide of soldiers. Labelled Fifty thousand horse and foot going to Table Bay. From the poem by Rudyard Kipling - An Absent Minded Beggar. Partially hand coloured

Lantern slide showing two cannons in a field with trees.

Lantern slide of a crowd of people outside Sheffield Barracks, Hillsborough. A policeman and a man with bandage to head can be seen. Lantern slide is damaged.

Colour lantern slide of an illustraion of the Union Jack with The Absent Minded Beggar inside a horsehoe emblem.

Lantern slide of illustration from The Absent Minded Beggar. "The Absent-Minded Beggar" is an 1899 poem by Rudyard Kipling, set to music by Sir Arthur Sullivan and often accompanied by an illustration of a wounded but defiant British soldier, "A…

Colour lantern slide of a soldier with firearm and sword. Labelled Gentleman in khaki.

Lantern slides of Gun Boats on Ettrick Bay, Isle of Bute.

Lantern slide of HMS Foudroyant wreck at Blackpool. On 16 June 1897 during a violent storm, she parted a cable and dragging the remaining anchor, went ashore on Blackpool Sands, damaging Blackpool North Pier in the process. The Blackpool lifeboat was…

A stereoscopic image of British troops storming a Kopje at Gras Pan, South Africa.
A Kopje is a small hill in a generally flat landscape.

A stereoscopic image of British troops in a trench with firearms at the ready.
The Second Boer War (1899-1902) was the first war to be covered comprehensively by both film and still photography. This was the result of improved technology in both…

A stereoscopic image of a nurse helping a patient to drink, with a bandage to head, in a field hospital, his uniform in the foreground and another patient in the background

A stereoscopic image of Troops sleeping in rows with firearms at feet, watched over by guards.

A stereoscopic image of Lord Roberts and Staff cheering the Queen - raising Union Jack on occupation of Pretoria, June 5th, S.A.

Of the 38,000 troops who had left Bloemfontein on 3 May 1900, only 26,000 entered Pretoria with Lord Roberts. Some had…

A stereoscopic image of the deck of vessel showing a large number of troops in uniform but in a relaxed state.

A stereoscopic image of lines of British troops, with bayonets fixed, await a Boer attack at Naauwpoort, 13th December, 1899. One of a boxed set of stereoscope photographs which was produced for sale to the general public by a professional firm of…
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