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Colour lantern slide of a soldier with firearm and sword. Labelled Gentleman in khaki.

A stereoscopic image of British troops storming a Kopje at Gras Pan, South Africa.
A Kopje is a small hill in a generally flat landscape.

A stereoscopic image of British troops in a trench with firearms at the ready.
The Second Boer War (1899-1902) was the first war to be covered comprehensively by both film and still photography. This was the result of improved technology in both…

A stereoscopic image of Troops sleeping in rows with firearms at feet, watched over by guards.

A stereoscopic image of lines of British troops, with bayonets fixed, await a Boer attack at Naauwpoort, 13th December, 1899. One of a boxed set of stereoscope photographs which was produced for sale to the general public by a professional firm of…
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