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Lantern slide showing a view of street decoration during King Edward VII visit to open the University, Saville Street.

Lantern slide of children marching at Blackpool during Coronation Day. Some hand colouring especailly to Union Jack flag.

Lantern slide of Queen Alexandra

Lantern slide of King Edward VII in uniform.

A stereoscopic image of Lord Roberts and Staff cheering the Queen - raising Union Jack on occupation of Pretoria, June 5th, S.A.

Of the 38,000 troops who had left Bloemfontein on 3 May 1900, only 26,000 entered Pretoria with Lord Roberts. Some had…

A stereoscopic image of crowds on both sides of the river and the bridge in the near distance watch the Duke and Duchess of York, shooting the Rapids and Timber Slide, Ottawa, Canada.
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