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Tintype of a young woman wearing a hat. Ornate blue card frame. Printed to the reverse. J. Jewell American Photographer. Wilton Chambers, Market Street, Manchester and at the Alexandra Palace, London. 9 Portraits for 7/1/2 Latest Novelty.

Tintype of a young woman. Some tinting to cheeks. Cream ornate card frame. Label to the reverse. “ Taken and Finished in ten minutes at Le Roys Gem Gallery, 78 Water Street, Newburgh, N.Y.

Tintype of a child seated. Blue card frame.

Tintype of a young woman seated with a book in hand, wearing a large flat hat. Pale green card frame.

Tintype of a Mother and two children. In a pink card frame.

Tintype of a young man, with bowler hat and cane. Hand resting on a wooden table with plant.

Tintype of a Father and Son. Father seated, wearing large leather boots with cap in hand. Son resting leaning with arms crossed.

Tintype of a young man, leaning on a plinth wearing a straw boater hat with a rose in his buttonhole.

Tintype of a young woman seated.

Tintype of a young women seated.

Tintype of a family. Two parents and five children.

Tintype of a young couple. She is sitting, he stand with his hand resting on her shoulder.

Opalotype of a young woman seated with a book.
Framed and oval mount. Delicately coloured, some pigment loss in areas. Signed by J. Perkins.
To the rear of the frame is attached labels stating this is a portrait of Agnes Elizabeth Counsell. Born…

Ambrotype of a young man. Some tinting. Full case. Heavily painted, gold details. Full case with brass clasp and red plush interior.

Ambrotype of a woman seated at a table with a vase of flowers. Relieveotype? Greatly deteriorated. Paper backing with text. Aunt Mary Ann. Married Ges Bewney Born 1834 (approx) Died Young ?Fairlight. No case.

Ruby glass Ambrotype of a woman seated at a table. Some colouring and gold detail. No case.

Ruby glass Ambrotype of a man seated at a table, some gold detail. No case.

Ambrotype of a man carrying a young girl outdoors. Discolouration and tarnishing to plate. Partial mount.

Ruby glass Ambrotype of a tradesman outside his workshop. Partial mount. Some tarnishing.

Ambrotype of a woman and child. Some gold detail. Plate is cracked and residual sticky label to emulsion surface. Partial mount.
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