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Tintype of a young women seated.

Tintype of a family. Two parents and five children.

Tintype of a young couple. She is sitting, he stand with his hand resting on her shoulder.

Opalotype of a young woman seated with a book.
Framed and oval mount. Delicately coloured, some pigment loss in areas. Signed by J. Perkins.
To the rear of the frame is attached labels stating this is a portrait of Agnes Elizabeth Counsell. Born…

Ambrotype of a young man. Some tinting. Full case. Heavily painted, gold details. Full case with brass clasp and red plush interior.

Ambrotype of a woman seated at a table with a vase of flowers. Relieveotype? Greatly deteriorated. Paper backing with text. Aunt Mary Ann. Married Ges Bewney Born 1834 (approx) Died Young ?Fairlight. No case.

Ruby glass Ambrotype of a woman seated at a table. Some colouring and gold detail. No case.

Ruby glass Ambrotype of a man seated at a table, some gold detail. No case.

Ambrotype of a man carrying a young girl outdoors. Discolouration and tarnishing to plate. Partial mount.

Ruby glass Ambrotype of a tradesman outside his workshop. Partial mount. Some tarnishing.

Ambrotype of a woman and child. Some gold detail. Plate is cracked and residual sticky label to emulsion surface. Partial mount.

Ambrotype of a boy and girl at the Seaside. The bucket has some letters which make it out to be Scarborough. No case.

Ambrotype of a family, two women, two boys and two girls. Engraved text? to rear paint. Some residual glue to upper surface from previous mount.

Relieveotype/Ambrotype of a young man seated with cap on knee. Just readable on reverse. James Clarke Born Jan 21st 1842 Died June? 16Th 1915. Some damage to top left corner of plate. No case.

Ambrotype of a young girl with a porcelain doll. No case.

Ambrotype of a young man seated at a table. Cane in hand. Painted backdrop and draped curtain. No case.

Ambrotype of a man seated at a table. Some gold detail. No case, heavily tarnished.

Ambrotype of a man seated at a table with vase of flowers. No case.

Ambrotype of a young girl standing close to the backdrop. High level of detail.Looking distracted off camera,fiddling with something in her hands. Initials LE to reverse. Partial mount.

Ambrotype of a young woman seated at a table with books. A photo brooch. She is smilng. High level of detail and colouration and gold details. Some damage to plate bottom left. Partial mount, no cover glass.
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