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Ambrotype of a young boy. Holding a pair of leather gloves, leaning on a book on a table. Brass mount no frame or case.

Ambrotype of an older woman. Possible modern reframing by Aldridge Brothers, 35 Warwick Street & No.4 The Arcade, Worthing

Ambrotype of young man seated. Full case with ornate brass clasp.

Early framed ambrotype of a young man and woman seated. Both holding books, a book and plant on the table. The plant has some green applied. Wooden frame. The felt backing has a ghost image of the original plate.

Ambrotype of a soldier seated with his headwear on the table next to him. Possible Sergeant in the Royal Artillery. Very poor condition. Unvarnished. Black to the reverse.

Ambrotype of a man seated at a table, check trousers, painted backdrop.. Studio portrait. Very finely tinted. Full case.

Ambrotype of a man seated. Strange headwear in hands. Hand coloured. Full case.

Full cased Daguerreotype of a young couple with child. Damaged to case.

Ambrotype of a man seated. Wearing an overcoat with hands folded. Some damage, no case.

Ambrotype of shop frontage with staff on doorstep. H. Prigg, Grocer and Seedman. Damage to edges of plate. No case.

Ambrotpe of two women seated together. Book in hand and on tabletop. Some colour and gold applied to jewellery. Scratched plate but highly detailed. No case.

Ambrotype of a man seated at a table. A large ammount of hand applied colour to the image. An unusual plate size of 5x6 inches. No case.

Ambrotype of an older man seated at a table. Column, curtain and painted backdrop featuring a Cathedral. No case.

Ambrotype of a family group outdoors. 5 male and 4 female. Makeshift white backdrop in the garden hardly does the job. One man holds a violin and bow. Paper text around as part of the mount reads “...steamship North American, bound for Quebec, Sep 3,…

Ambrotpe of an older man seated. Subject movement in face. No black backing. No case. Purchased with AM0155.

Ambrotype of an older woman in a bonnet and shawl. High detail and some tinting. No black backing. No case. Purchased with AM0156.

Ambrotype of an older man seated at a table. Cane in hand and prominent watch chain. No case.

Ambrotype of an older woman seated at a table. Open book on table and a letter in hand. No case.

Ambrotype of an older man seated. Very large overcoat. Muttonchops and tinted face. Full case but damaged.

Ambrotype of a young bot seated with straw hat in hand. Full case.
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