All types of negative - paper (Calotype), glass (Collodion & Silver Gelatine) and the occasional film based negative.

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Glass Negative of a group of people
A large group of people holding various items such as baskets, flowers, brushes and a puppy. One man is drinking from a bottle.

Glass Negative of a building
A large building set back from the roadside. A woman and child stand in front. A small boy watches from nearby leaning on a lamp post.

Glass Negative of a group of people
A group of people are seated at a table in a garden. One woman has a newspaper. A small boy sits on the table. Laundry dries in the background.

Glass Negative of a group of people
A group of people, three adults and two children, picking fruit or vegetables from a wild garden.

Glass Negative of architecture
A large arched walled gateway with people standing at the opening.

Glass Negative of architecture
An ornate fountain and steps with horse and buggy at roadside. A man reads in the foreground.

Glass Negative of a woman
A woman sits for an outdoor portrait. Someone holds a makeshift background behind her.

Glass Negative of a man
A man sits at a desk with paperwork and artwork around him.

Glass Negative of a hotel
An elderly man stands outside the gates to the Hotel Du Jardin D’Hiver

Glass negative of Spon Street, Coventry
The lamb and Flag on Spon Street, Coventry. The licensee can be seen to be C. Francis. Landlord from 1868-1869. Next door is the Woolpack run by R. Parker 1861-1874. Possibly an image by Joseph Wingrave.

Glass negative of Stoneleigh Street on Greyfriars Green, Coventry
Stoneleigh Terrace on Greyfriars Green, now a Bypass.

Glass negative of a group of soldiers
A group of soldiers, possibly the Second Volunteer Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment in camp at Stoneleigh Deer Park in 1883. Again possibly by Joseph Wingrave,

Glass negatives of a group of people in a garden
A group of people in a garden. Possibly the Rectory at Allesley with the Rev. William Thomas Bree.

Glass negative of Stone House, Allesley Village
The Stone House, Allesley. Dates back to 1557 when it was mentioned in the will of John Milward, the freehold was bought by William Clarke in 1608. A sandstone built Tudor house thought to have been built on the site of the pack horse gatehouse of…

Glass Negative of a building
An unkown building possible in the Coventry area.

Glass Negative of a building
Large stone building with people sitting on grass outside, The negative has a black painted mask to the sky around the roofline on the non emulsion side.

Glass Negative of a building and people
A woman sitting on a bench and a man standing outside a large stone building.

Glass Negative of people by a lakeside
A group of people relaxing at a lakeside. Some are sitting in a boat at the waters edge.

Glass Negative of a ruined building
A view of a ruined building, possibly an Abbey.

Glass Negative of a Church
A view of a Church and its graveyard surrounded by a fence and a sty. Some masking to the sky on the non emulsion side.
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