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Lantern Slides


The vast majority of commercial lantern slides were black-and-white positive images, created with the wet collodion or a dry gelatine process. Slide lantern photographers made either “contact” or “reduction” prints. Contact prints were made by placing a negative over a piece of light-sensitive lantern glass and then developing the image by exposure under controlled light. For a reduction print, the photographer often affixed the negative to a window with a clear view, and photographed the illuminated negative directly onto the light-senstive lantern glass with a camera. After the completion of the photographic process, slide makers often affixed a paper border to the lantern glass, covered it with a clear piece of protective glass, and then bound the glass “sandwich” together with tape. The paper borders often bore printed identification of the commercial studio. Less frequently, manufacturers employed professional colorists to apply pigment washes to the lantern glass image prior to labeling and binding.

Collection Items

Ample proportions, Zulu woman.
Lantern slide showing a partially clothed Zulu woman.

Firth Park, Sheffield.
Lantern slide showing the pavilion / lodge at Firth Park in Sheffield, England. A Grade II listed building.

Mrs Hatt, Ayres, Dimerline, Wilks and Miss Deimberline.
Lantern slide showing four women and a girl sitting outdoors.

J. Ellis, Dimberline, Claytor, Mr and Mrs W. Platts.
Lantern slide showing three adults and two children sitting amongst ruins.

Zulu Warrior and his young Wife.
Lantern lside showing a Zulu Warrior and his wife.

Young Zulu woman.
Lantern slide showing a young Zulu woman.

Mr Dickenson Ice Cream in front of 30 Clipstone Road
Lantern slide showing an ice cream cart with man and children on a cobbled street.

Mr Dickenson Ice Cream in front of 30 Clipstone Road
Lantern slide showing an ice cream cart with man on a cobbled street.

Gilbert Ellis and his Cousin in Woods.
Lantern slide showing a boy and a girl amongst ferns.

Mrs Alf Foster.
Lantern slide showing a woman sitting outdoors in front of a window.

Pillar remains
Lantern slide whowing the remains of a Pillar.

Long may she reign
Colour lantern slide showing an illustration of God Save the Queen.

Birch and Bracken
Lantern slide showing a view Birch and Bracken.

Lord Street Blackpool, Group, July 1910.
Lantern slide showing a group of people posing outdoors in fron of a window. Adults and children some seated. Labelled Lord Street Blackpool, Group, July 1910.

Kings Swans, Whiteley Woods,
Lantern slide showing three children and a man looking at swans at Whiteley Woods, Sheffield, England.

Birch and Bracken, Tinsley Park Woods.
Lantern slide showing Birch and Bracken in Tinsley Park Woods, Sheffield, England.

A quiet country walk.
Lantern slide showing a walkway through trees.

Lantern slide showing adults and children in a park at waters edge. Labelled Hillsborough.

Three legged birch, Tinsley Park Wood.
Lantern slide showing a three legged birch in Tinsley Park Woods, Sheffield, England.

Fox Hound - Volatile
Lantern slide showing a dog sitting against a brick wall. Labelled "Ventnor" Fox hound sold for 120 Guinees. Name changed o Volatile. Photographed by F.J.Liversidge
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