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Ambrotype of a man sitting with large bow tie and watch chain. Heavily tinted but soft focus. Half cased damaged.

Ambrotype of a bearded young man sitting. Framed for wall hanging.

Ambrotype of five children. One holding a book. Framed for wall hanging.

Ambrotype of a Family of six. Half cased damaged.

Ambrotype of a young boy sitting by a table with a vase of flowers and stereo cards. Framed for wall hanging, within the frame behind the plate is a hand stitched flower card.

Ambrotype of a man and woman. Studio portrait. Half cased damaged. He has his arm around her shoulder. She has her hand on his knee. Tinted and gold jewellery.

Ambrotype of a family of ten at the seaside. Framed fro wall hanging.

Ambrotype of a Father sitting and his son standing with arm on shoulder.

Ambrotype of a woman sitting at a table with a book and letter in hand. Gold jewellery. Half cased damaged.

Ambrotype of a woman sitting at a table with book in hand. Framed, missing back.

Ambrotype of a Family of five at the seaside. Other people in background. Mounted for wall hanging.

Ambrotype of a large Family of 11 at the seaside. Fishing boat in background. Framed for wall hanging

Ambrotype of Mother and Daughter at the seaside amongst the rocks. Mother sits with a closed parasol. Child stands with a bucket and spade. On the reverse of the frame is a circular label T. Taylor, Photographer, Childrens Corner, Scarborough, Est…

Ambrotype of an old woman sitting. Wearing mourning clothing. Tinting to cheeks and scarf. Framed for wall hanging. Frame damaged and upper glass could benefit from cleaning.

Ambrotype of an old man sitting in an overcoat. Wooden can in hand, Gold jewellery.

Ambrotype of a young man sitting with hand on hip. Large tinted bow tie. Framed for wall hanging, newsprint on reverse as part of framing.

Ambrotype of a Family at the seaside. Three women, one boy, two girls and a baby in arms. A rowing boat can be seen in the background. Mounted for wall hanging.

Ambrotype of a Father and Daughter. She sits on his knee, wearing a velvet hat and a knitted scarf and muff. Half cased, to the revers is gold printed H Booth, Artist, Harrogate.

Ambrotype of a young girl standing by a table. She holds a hat. Elaborate room backdrop.

Ambrotype of an old woman sitting in an ornate wooden chair. A book and spectacles rest in her hands. To the reverse is a folded label. Issued by the Professional Photographers Association Limited. Stating sitters name and address. (unreadable)
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